Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalganaledu Today’s Episode August 2: Mallika Punishes Vishnu

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Jnanamba reprimands Mallika for not drawing Rangoli. Vishnu, in order to get her out of the situation, scolds her and asks Jnanamba to punish her. Jnanamba first says no, but after Vishnu forces her, she asks Mallika whether she is ready to undergo punishment for her mistake.

Jnanamba orders Mallika to draw Rangoli from their house till their shop. Mallika lands in a tight spot and agrees to obey her mother-in-law's orders.

Meanwhile, Jnanamba suggests that Janaki draw a Rangoli in front of the house every day. Janaki accepts her mother-in-law’s suggestion, but gets tensed as she doesn’t know how to do it. So, Rama agrees to help her by teaching her Rangoli.

Mallika, who follows Jnanamba's orders to the T and finishes her job, informs Jnanamba that she will grind all the wheat into wheat powder. Later, she takes the wheat grains and orders Vishnu to do it. When Vishnu refuses to do it, Mallika blackmails him and makes him do the work. Will Mallika get caught by Jnanamba again Is to be watched in the next episode.

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