Bigg Boss Kannada 8:Bad News For BBK Viewers, Kichcha Sudeep To Miss Weekend Episode of Bigg Boss Again

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Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 viewers will once again miss the fun with Kichcha Sudeep during this weekend's episodes. Last week, Kichcha Sudeep had announced on Twitter that he will not be able to host the weekend episode because of his illness and said that doctor had suggested rest. 

Now, Kichcha Sudeep has once again informed on Twitter that he needs more rest. Sudeep said that he can manage hours of the shoot on stage and do justice to all contestants but it's a difficult decision to make. Sudeep also thanked Colors Kannada for canceling the Shoot.

"Wil b missing this weekend episodes of BB. A bit more rest needed bfr I can manage hours of shoot on stage n do justice to all contestants. It's a difficult decision to make n I thank
 for canceling shoot n makin it easier.
Mch luv to all you frnzz fo ur prayers" Kichcha Sudeep tweeted.

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Netizens retweeted Sudeep's Tweet saying that it's going to be one more round of boring weekend tasks and episodes. Kannada Bigg Boss viewers feel that as the Karanataka government has imposed lockdown during the weekends, BBK is the only show that could have entertained them, and now they can't imagine the weekend episodes without Sudeep. All BBK8 viewers and Kichcha Sudeep's fans wished him a speedy recovery.

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