Bigg Boss 14 Grand Finale: Rakhi Sawant Or Nikki Tamboli, Who Will Be Eliminated First? Find Out

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The Bigg Boss Grand Finale is here. In a few hours, the Finale episode will be aired. A power-packed and excitement filled episode is expected as many Special Guests will be coming. One of the guests will be Madhuri Dixit. She will be announcing the eviction of a contestant and the Top 4 of this season.

As we know, the voting trends confirmed that Rakhi Sawant and Nikki Tamboli are there in the danger zone. The gap between them is not too high and with every day, the percentage kept increasing and decreasing. It was reported and even the viewers have guessed that, one among these two will be eliminated first. Now the important thing is who will it be? Rakhi or Nikki?

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According to the voting trend, both Rakhi Sawant and Nikki Tamboli are on Number 4 position. The gap between these two is very less, almost negligible. So if we were to go on the trend, anyone could be eliminated. But seeing what the makers did in these past few days, chances are that Nikki Tamboli could be eliminated.


Viewers have pointed out that the makers were favoring Rakhi Sawant since the beginning. Nikki Tamboli was not seen in the live-feed for a long time. The makers created a scene where viewers could believe that she has been eliminated.

First it was shown in a promo that Nikki was offered Rs. 6 lakh in order to exit the show and get herself out of the race, later when she was not seen in the live-feed, viewers starting speculating that Nikki had quit with the money bag.

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Fans called it “Makers’ Tactic” and since Rakhi is getting less votes, makers are trying to manipulate the situation and trick Nikki fans to stop voting. So if we go by all the tactics and plans that the makers used, there are high chances that they will bring some twist in the finale leading to Nikki’s eviction.

That will give us Rubina Dilaik, Rahul Vaidya, Aly Goni and Rakhi Sawant in the Top 4.

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