BBK8: Wild Card Entries Priyanka, Vyjayanthi, Chandrachud Remuneration For Limited Weeks Only?

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It is known that IPL has started and as we told you earlier, Sandalwood actor Kichcha Sudeep and Bigg Boss makers are exploring newer strategies to retain viewers for their reality show. Bigg Boss Kannada will face stiff competition from IPL 2021. Show organisers are planning to give twists in elimination as well as to invite popular celebrities to make guest appearances during weekends to ensure TRPs for the show are at all time high. 

Chakravarthy Chadrachud, Priyanka Thimmesh And Vyjayanthi Adiga have already made their wild card entries in a gap of less than a week. A few contestants inside the BB house are scared about new wild card entry and wondering if they would give stiff competition to them. They are also guessing how much paycheck the wild card entrants may have been paid to be a part of the show. 

If the buzz in telecircles are to be believed, Chakravarthy Chadrachud, Priyanka Thimmesh And Vyjayanthi Adiga are being paid anywhere between Rs 40K to 50k per week. Rumours are rife that Chakravarthy Chadrachud, Priyanka Thimmesh And Vyjayanthi Adiga won't stay long in the house. Chances are high for the three to get eliminated before finals.

Though they have managed to gain a fan following of their own within a short span, there are fewer chances for them to lift the trophy. The contract is for a few weeks only, as per the buzz.  It now remains to be seen whether the rumour surrounding wild card entries not being able to compete for the trophy this season will come true or not. Watch this space for more updates.

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