BBK8 Contestant Divya Uruduga Instagram Stories A Tribute to Bigg Boss Fans

 - Sakshi Post

Divya Uruduga, the most loved female contestant of this season of Bigg Boss Kannada, is enjoying her fame after stepping out of the BBK house. Divya U is the first contestant in the history of the show to get 320 plus fan pages on Instagram. 

Even the Arivya pages are loaded with Aravind and Divya U's memorable moments inside the Bigg Boss house. Earlier, there was a lot of speculation over Divya U attending the final episode of Kannada Bigg Boss season 8. However, they were all false rumours as there is no chance for BBK viewers to see back in the Bigg Boss house as we already told you Divya Uruduga sent a voice note to all the housemates.

Divya U fans can't stop praising her on Twitter for taking time to post all her fan page posts on her Instagram account. Some say that the posts are full of messages and edits from Araviya fandom. The bottom line is that Divya U has earned massive popularity on Social media which she did not expect. And it won't be wrong if we said that Bigg Boss Kannada show was a watershed moment in Divya U's career. 

Compared to other contestants, Divya U has gained a lot from the show, which has exceeded her own expectations.

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