Mahesh Babu's Pokiri Topped Tollywood Nostalgia Trends On Twitter

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#ThisHappened2020—Twitter released the round-up of 2020. In the category 2020;s Most Tweeted Hashtags Related To Nostalgia and Movie Anniversary, the Telugu blockbuster film ‘Pokiri’ is in second place. The movie which hit the screens 14 years ago ruling social media shows the kind of impact that Pokiri movie had created. Fans celebrated the 14th anniversary of the blockbuster film Pokiri this year.

14 years have gone by, but the Mahesh movie is still trending. Pokiri became one of the biggest hits in the Telugu Film Industry. Pokiri set a new trend in the industry. The dialogues in Pokiri are hugely famous.

Some of the famous dialogues are:

“yevvadu kodithe dimmathirigi mind block ipoyidho, Aade pandu gadu”

“Nenu yentha yedhavano naake thelidhu”

“Vakasari commit ayithe na mata nene vinnanu”

“Yeppudocham annadhi kadhu annaya, Bullet dhigindha ledha”

The movie was remade in various languages and also tasted success in all the languages. Pokiri is the only movie to have 365 days, 500 days and 1000 days posters. Even in the budget, the movie completed was made with Rs 10 crores but earned Rs 40+ crores at the box office.

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