MAA Elections: Chiranjeevi Family Never Supports Artists, Alleges Sri Reddy

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MAA Elections Polling has begun and the members of the Movie Artist Association are voting for one of the two panels, Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu. Against this backdrop, sensational star Sri Reddy has released a video on the MAA elections. In this video, she makes some comments about the Chiranjeevi family. 

In the video, Sri Reddy explained about the current situation happening around the MAA elections and clarified that she would extend her support to Manchu Vishnu. She said that she was not given MAA membership after she questioned the hiring of actors and technicians from other states. 

She added that the MAA association is run by a single dictatorship of Chiranjeevi's family and is not giving offers to deserving artists in Tollywood. Sri Reddy alleged that Chiranjeevi's family never supported any artist other than their favourite people. 

Sri Reddy wanted a change in the ruling so that many small producers and talented actors would come to light. She expected the change from Vishnu's panel and wanted him to win with the hope that they encourage artists. 

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