Dog Owner, Wife and Pet Dog Turn Victims

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In a shocking incident that took place in Hyderabad, a routine evening walk turned into a nightmare for a pet parent and his dog. On May 8, three men viciously attacked the duo with sticks, an incident caught on a nearby CCTV camera and now viral on social media.

Srinath, who resides in Rahmat Nagar, Madhura Nagar, found himself in a heated altercation after his dog innocently wandered into his neighbor Dhananjay's house. What started as a chaotic dispute escalated dramatically. Later that evening, while Srinath was out walking his dog, Dhananjay, along with two accomplices, ambushed them.

The brutality didn’t stop at Srinath. His wife, who intervened, was also beaten up, leaving both the couple and their dog severely injured. Thanks to the quick-thinking locals, all three victims were rushed to the hospital for urgent medical care. The video footage is captured in a CCTV and the video has gone viral on social media platforms in no time. Many netizens condemned the brutal attack. 

However, some netizens also asked the dog parents to be cautious and watchful in the public places.

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