Two Bike-borne Thieves Snatch Away Mobile Phone From Unwary Person In Hyderabad

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HYDERABAD: Two bike-borne men have snatched away the mobile phone of a man at Kishan Bagh in the city. The incident took place at Anjaneya Swamy temple in NM Guda on Friday afternoon. The victim was looking at his phone when two bike-borne assailants grabbed his phone and sped away. The victim even chased them but all his efforts to chase them went in vain.

The victim informed the police about the incident. The incident was captured by a CC camera installed in the area.The police swung into action to identify the snatchers with the help of the CCTV footage. 

In the footage, one can see the victim looking into his mobile phone while walking in the street. All of a sudden, two persons come on a bike from behind and the pillion rider snatches away the phone from the victim. The victim recovers from the daring daylight theft and starts to give a chase but by then, the bike-borne thieves are already gone.

Take a look at the CCTV footage of the incident that will shock you out of your wits.

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