Missing for 10 Years, Mancherial Woman Reunites with Family on Raksha Bandhan

Missing for 10 Years Mancherial Woman Reunites with Family on Raksha Bandhan - Sakshi Post

Raksha Bandhan 2020: MANCHERIAL:  Raksha Bandhan was very special for this family from Mancherial in Telangana, after their daughter who was missing for the past ten years and presumed dead, returned and tied Rakhi to her brother on Saturday.

As per reports Tekulapalli Venkati and Madhunakka, a couple from Boyawada village, Nennel mandal in Mancherial district had two sons Srinivas, Pawan, and a daughter named Rajitha. The couple used to eke out a living as daily wage labourers. Workers from this area migrate to do farm work in Jammikunta mandal in the Karimnagar district. As part of this Rajitha went there ten years ago but never returned. Family members searched for her to no avail. Apparently, Rajitha met a young man named Raju in Jammikunta. The boy hailed from Hanigavu village in the Nanded district of Maharashtra and he is said to have married Rajitha without her parents' knowledge. As she feared that her parents would beat her if they found out about her marriage she never returned to the village. The family members also thought that Rajitha was dead as they could not trace her whereabouts. Her brother Srinivas died two years ago and she had no idea about the news.

Recently Rajitha’s husband's sisters had come for the Raksha Bandha festival. After seeing them tie the Rakhi to her husband, she said that she was reminded of her younger brother Pawan. She left Nanded three days ago to reach Nennel mandal and finally reached her village on Saturday afternoon and came home much to the joy of her family members and brother.

Rajitha told them that she had three daughters. It was a wonderful feeling to meet my parents and family member ten years later, she gushed with emotion. Rakhi tied the Rakhi to her younger brother Pawan on Saturday and wept after getting to know that her elder brother Srinivas had died.

After living in Maharashtra for so long she had changed the way she dressed and could now even speak Marathi and Hindi much to the shock of the villagers.

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