T20 World Cup: India Vs Pakistan Betting in Crores, Report

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India will begin their T20 World Cup campaign on Sunday (October 24). Team India will face their arch-rival Pakistan in the very first match. The contest between India and Pak is always the most anticipated one irrespective of the tournament or format. Whether it is the T20 World Cup or the Champion Trophy, a match between India and Pakistan is the most-watched fixture in the cricket world. It raises the expectations of fans.

Former cricketers and analysts even pick their favourites and predict the match's winning team. On the other hand, people are also predicting the winner. Whenever there is a match like this, the stakes are high and bettings are done in crores. 

Based on reports, it is said that almost 1000 crore is at stake for bookies on this match. Interestingly,  Team India is the bettors' top choice. Yes. India is always the hot favourites of bookies when they play Pakistan as the country almost always wins the match.

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According to the Satta market, the figures could go up from 1500 to 2000 crores depending on which team wins the toss.

Earlier also, there were reports that in the 2017 Champions Trophy India-Pakistan match, Rs. 2,000 crore betting took place.

Even though Betting is illegal, people continue to place bets by various means. The money earned in betting is settled after the game. When a large sum of money is invested in a match, there is a chance of the bookie manipulating the players or the match outcome. Hence BCCI or ICC related Anti-Corruption Unit keeps close tabs on players to make sure matches are not fixed.

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