Shikhar Dhawan-Ayesha Mukherjee Love Story In Pictures

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Indian opener Shikar Dhawan doesn’t need any introduction. He is one of the most well-known Indian cricketers, not just for his batting but also for his excellent dress sense. He had his own unique style of celebrating on the field when he took catches. We all know this, but now we are here to discuss his off-field career.

When it comes to his family, he is a soft-hearted person. Many times, he shares family pictures on social media. It is known that Shikar Dhawan and his wife Ayesha have parted ways, but do you know how their journey started? It is similar to a movie story and it had more twists in that. Let’s see their journey.

How It Started:

Social media showed the power to unite the couple. When Shikar Dhawan was scrolling through the pictures on Facebook, he came across Ayesha Mukherjee's pictures and was bowled over by her beauty. He came to know that cricketer Harbhajan Singh was a mutual friend, and without wasting time, he sent a friend request to Ayesha.

Starting from that point, their Facebook friendship turned into love.

Who is Ayesha:

Ayesha was born in India, but her family shifted to Australia shortly after. She is an avid sports lover and a qualified kickboxer. Ayesha is not just ten years Shikhar's senior, but she is also divorced. She married an Australian businessman but then divorced. Rhea and Aliyah are her two kids from her first marriage.

How They Get Married:

In fact, society is quite judgmental. Ayesha had two children from her former marriage, so when she accepted the marriage with Shikhar, many people were surprised, but Shikhar's mother supported them. Shikhar's relationship with Ayesha's children was important to her. Shikhar and Ayesha married in a Sikh ceremony. Many cricketers, including Virat Kohli, attended the ceremony.

Their Journey:

They had their first son, named Zoravar Dhawan, in 2014. Despite her busy schedule and frequent travel between Melbourne and India, Ayesha is frequently seen cheering on her husband throughout the tournament.

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