Football Players Who Got Most Red Cards

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Football is a violent sport, when players lose discipline and commit several fouls, they are sometimes given a yellow card. If their fouls are worse, a red card will be used. While obtaining a yellow card is fairly uncommon, receiving a red card knocks one out of the game and results in a subsequent ban from future matches. Furthermore, some football players have a reputation for receiving several red cards during their careers. Here are those players:

Gerardo Bedoya (Colombia)- 46  ejections

Sergio Ramos ( Former Real-Madrid skipper and current PSG player) - 28 ejections

Cyril Rool (France): 27 ejections

Alexis Ruano Delgado (Spain): 22 ejections

Edgar Davids (Netherlands): 22 ejections

Matteo Contini (Italy): 20 ejections

Felipe Melo (Brazil): 20 ejections


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