Golden Star Ganesh's Gaalipata 2 Movie Review

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Sonu Nigam songs in Gaalipata 2 will stay with you long after you leave the theatre

Golden Star Ganesh breathes life into Yogaraj Bhat's lines

Ananth Nag stands out as a professor

It was 14 years ago that Kannada Golden Star Ganesh collabarated with Yogaraj Bhat to create box office history with Gaalipata. The movie was about three friends who leave town around midnight after a discussion to reach Mugilapete (in Karnataka). Their adventures there formed the crux of the story. The movie was a blockbuster hit. Now, the winning actor-director duo has come together again for the sequel of the massive hit titled Gaalipata 2. Does it live up to the audience' expectations?

So, how's the movie? Let's find out...
Let me tell you clearly that the sequel has nothing to do with or in no way related to Gaalipata.  Even though the characters are the same, the story is entirely different. This movie, like the first part, does offer great cinematography, fun moments, punch dialogues, unforgettable melodies—all in Yogaraj Bhat's signature style. The film also highlights the story of a hero who lives a carefree life turning emotional in the climax. Gaalipata 2 has all the elements of a Yogaraj Bhat movie.

Gaalipata 2 plot

Gani (Ganesh) joins a college to learn Kannada. He is accompanied by Bhushan and Diganth. Gani falls in love with another student, Shweta (Vybhavi). Diganth meets his ex-girlfriend Samuyutka Menon with whom he broke up. Bhushan grows fond of his teacher. Enters Kannada professor (Ananth Nag) who has a huge influence on the three boys becomes the turning point of the story. Why does the location shifts to a foreign location post interval? What's the link between the professor and the three boys is what the plot is all about.

Gaalipata 2 Review / Analysis

Yogaraj Bhat's poetic dialogues need no introduction. He is known you make you laugh and cry all at the same time in his own style. The screenplay could have been crisp. The director tries to elevate the scenes in t he last leg of the film. The screenplay is quite weak in the beginning.

Technically, Gaalipata 2 is brilliant. Cinematographer Santosh Rai Pathaje has done excellent work. The art work in Gaalipata 2 is commendable too. Arjun Janya breathes life into Gaalipata movie with his songs. Sonu Nigam again makes Ganesh stand out in songs with his voice.

Ganesh breathes life into the Gani character and he has proved yet again that when he joins hands with Yogaraj bhat, the result is a masterpiece. Ganesh lives up to the expectations or rather exceeds.

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Diganth makes a good comeback with Gaalipata 2. He showcases another side of him in the movie. Pawan Kumar-Sharmila Mandre scenes are refreshing and add life to the love story written for them. Ananth Nag excels as a teacher. Rangayana Raghu, who plays Ganesh's father, has limited screen space, but does full justice to the role. The rest of the supporting cast too do their bit to make the movie watchable.

Gaalipata 2 Verdict: Gaalipata 2 is a treat for all Yogaraj Bhat fans. Even though the screenplay could have tightened, the maker delivers what the audience expect from his movies to the T. Gaalipata 2 is worth watching for Ganesh and the songs.

Gaalipata 2 Rating: 3/5


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