Karnataka BJP MP Shouts at Woman Vendor on IWD for Not Wearing Bindi, Karti Reacts 

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Bengaluru: Congress MP Karti P Chidambaram and netizens slammed  the Karnataka BJP MP S Muniswamy after his video of chiding a woman over a ‘bindi’ went viral on social media.

The BJP MP came across a clothes stall while inspecting the exhibition and sales fair on the occasion of International Women’s Day on Wednesday. He stopped by the stall and shouted at a woman behind the counter for not wearing a bindi. 

“Wear a Bindi first. Your husband is alive, isn't he? You have no common sense,” Kolar MP Muniswamy said and the video clip is being shared on social media. 

The BJP Lok Sabha MP has come under fire from Congress leader Karti P Chidambaram who said such incidents "reflect the culture" of the BJP. 

“The @BJP4India will turn India into a “Hindutva Iran”. The Ayatollahs of the BJP will have their version of the “Moral Police” patrolling the streets,?” Karti said. 

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