Jallikattu On Sankranthi Claims Four Lives In Karnataka, Tamil Nadu

Jallikattu Deaths in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka - Sakshi Post

The traditional bull-taming sport from the South, Jallikattu which began claimed four lives in separate incidents in the States of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu over the weekend. While one accident took place in Shivamogga, Karnataka, on Sunday, the other happened in Shikaripura on Saturday.

In Karnataka, a person who was injured on Sunday after a bull jumped on him, died early on Monday. While the second person also died on Monday after the bulls rushed toward the crowd and injured him. In Tamil Nadu, a youngster was gored to death by a bull in Palamedu on Monday, and another person was killed in Trichy.

Jalikattu is a dangerous traditional sport where energetic young men try to dominate the robust bulls and emerge victorious. As the bulls jumped and leaped forward from the entrance to the sporting arena men on the sideways try to embrace the bulls by clinging on to the hump in a bid to tame it. 
It is common for the bull tamers and sometimes crowds to suffer injuries in this sport which is played during the Sankranti festival.

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