Indian Student In Ukraine Defies Odds To Fly Back Home With Pet Animal

Rishabh Kaushik with his pet dog Maliboo in Ukraine (SJA Alumni Association, Dehradun via FB) - Sakshi Post

An Indian student’s efforts paid off when the authorities allowed him to fly out of Ukraine with his four-legged partner. Rishabh Kaushik, a resident of Dehradun returned home via Budapest, Hungary from the war-hit countries with his pet dog ‘Maliboo’ early Friday. 

Rishabh, who is studying to be a software engineer at the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics Engineering, had created quite the buzz online a week ago when he posted a video to share his struggle to get clearance for his pet animal to leave the country along with him. He had even refused to fly out of Ukraine without his ‘Maliboo’ pet. 

Rishabh’s video was shared on Dehradun’s Facebook page by the SJA Alumni Association in which he complained that despite several requests to the Indian Embassy in Ukraine, AQCS ( the government’s Animal Quarantine and Certification Service), he didn’t get any clearance from the officials. He had requested the Indian government to allow a no-objection certificate (NOC) for his pet dog’s travel. Even People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) had re-shared his appeal. 

While Rishabh was struggling to get a NOC for his pet dog, several students who returned from Ukraine had brought back their pet animals. Arya, a student of National Pirogov Memorial Medical University in Vinnytsya in Ukraine didn’t want to abandon her Siberian Husky Zairaa. She requested the authorities to allow her to carry Zairaa on board with her. 

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Earlier this week, the Centre had issued a memorandum announcing a ‘one-time relaxation measure’ for Indian nationals to bring back their pet dogs and cats while being evacuated from Ukraine.

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