Assam Street Vendor Adds Urine To Pani Puri, Video Viral

 - Sakshi Post

A shocking video went viral on social media where we can see a Pani-Puri vendor peeing into a mug and adding that into the masala water. But this cannot be entirely true as the video does look suspicious but it might not be what many are saying. If you look closely, you will not be able to see him do exactly what the claim is. Secondly, many have pointed out that he was not selling pani puri, but Sattu.

No matter what it is, this video has left many in shock. People are doubting everything now. Netizens on social media shared that this will end up affecting the businesses of good vendors who actually serve hygienic food.

If what was shown in the video and the claims of those who posted it are correct, then the man must be punished accordingly as those who ate from him in the past, will be horrified. The comment section on Twitter is filled with citizens demanding an inquiry to see if the man is actually involved into committing some nasty actions.

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