Astro’s Agency Reaction To Rocky- Park Bo Yeon's Dating Rumours

Astro’s Agency Reaction To Rocky- Park Bo Yeon's Dating Rumours - Sakshi Post

Astro’s agency reacted to dating rumours of Rocky and actress Park Bo Yeon. While Park Bo Yeon's agency already denied the dating rumours between the stars, however now Rocky’s agency confirmed their relationship status. 

The statement from Astro’s Agency read, “Hello, this is Fantagio. This is an official statement regarding our agency artist Rocky.

As revealed through news reports, Rocky and actress Park Bo Yeon are currently getting to know each other's positive vibes.

The two first met through the ‘Find Me If You Can,’ web drama and they naturally became close as actress Park Bo Yeon, who enjoys writing, naturally participated in Rocky’s music production. After spending time as acquaintances, they recently developed positive feelings for each other."

"We regret to deliver news like this during a national period of mourning in which we should be sharing sadness and consolation. As a result, we ask for the generous understanding of fans regarding the late statement,” the  Fantagio agency stated.

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