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Yadgiri and Sons has been touted to be a family drama. Debut hero Anirudh has been directed by Bikshapathi Raju Pandiri. Jeeva, Rajeev Kanakala, Madhumani, Motilal, Nagaraju and others have also done the movie. Let's find out its hits and misses in this detailed review:

Story: For Yadgiri (Jeeva), his two sons are his world. Laxman (Motilal) is a combative drunkard. Yadgiri's other son, Venkat (Anirudh), is a picture in contrast. He works sincerely in a private firm. Venkat falls in love with Swati (Yashaswini), a bank employee.

In a quirky turn of events, Lakshman steals the money hidden in an almirah, thereby angering Venkat to the hilt. Venkat picks up a quarrel with his sibling. In the process, Lakshman gets killed inadvertently. This leaves Venkat jailed. What happens next? How will he reconcile his equations with his parents? Can Venkat win his love? Will there be redemption? Did Lakshman really die because of Venkat's anger? 00

Analysis: Right from the start, the director has said that his film is based on true events. He knew that sincere homework alone can make his film emotionally involving and accomplished. Stories based on real incidents strike the chord only if the screenplay is profound. The plot of the film under review is gripping for the most part.

While this film is not star-centric, the performances and the earnest writing see the film through. Director Bikshapati Raju Pandiri engages the audience by offering a perspective on redemption and accidental crime.

The story takes place in Telangana and is conceived as an emotional roller-coaster. In recent times, films like Balagam and Ranga Maarthanda tried to reinvent the family genre. Yadigiri And Sons also tries to do the same.

The everyday scenes between siblings, between sons and parents, and other aspects live up to the expectations. The second half is thorough. The investigation scenes offer thrills.

Performances: New actor Anirudh acted well and with command. He makes the thrilling scenes and the big reveal work like a charm. Nagaraju, who played his friend, delivered a compelling performance. Motilal, who played Laxman, is engrossed in the role of a drunkard. The characterization makes us believe that they are everyday characters.

Yashaswini's role as the heroine is apt. Rohit, who played the main villain, does full justice despite the short screen time. Rajeev Kanakala (as a lawyer) and Jeeva are very good.

Verdict: The director builds a compelling narrative. He tells a cautionary tale in a touching fashion. Vijay Kurakula's music is adequate throughout. The cinematography by Srinu Boddu and the Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh adds weight to the making values. Producer Chandrakala Pandhri ensures production values are respectable.

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