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'Sound Party', bankrolled by Full Moon Media Productions' Ravi Polishetty, Mahendra Gajendra, and Sri Shyam Gajendra, arrived at the cinemas today (November 24). Let's find out what are its merits and demerits:


Dollar Kumar (VJ Sunny) and Kuber Kumar (Sivannarayana) are a son and father who have this foolish desire to become an Ambani and an Adani overnight. They worship money and nothing else. Their excessive greed puts them in harm's way when an MLA (Prudhviraj) entices them into confessing to a crime they didn't commit. Their conscious choice has a funny consequence: they are lodged in a prison where they have to lick their wounds. Will they have a redemption?


VJ Sunny is fun to watch. He is a new commercial hero in the town. If he stays the course, he will stick around for a long time. 'Unstoppable' was a mistake he could have avoided. 'Sound Party', however, is the best deal for him. Sivannarayana of 'Amrutham' fame never has a dull moment in the film. He and the script reinforce each other.

Hrithika Srinivas, who is Aamani's niece, carves a niche. Vasu Inturi as a Bitcoin trader and Krishna Teja in a cameo make the cut.

Saptagiri is slightly bogged down by a not-so-funny episode. Ashok Kumar plays Sunny's rich uncle, while 'Gemini' Suresh plays another relative. Bhuvan Saluri as the MLA's son and Prem Sagar as the heroine's father are average.


The Bitcoin concept.
The final 20 minutes where the noose gets tightened around the necks of the father and son.
Mohit Rahmaniac's music.
The court scene.  
The 'RRR' spoof episode is very good.


The 'Goru Mudda' hotel idea is unoriginal.
Some dialogues are inspired by memes. They could have been developed better.   


'Sound Party' has been made as an oddball comedy. Some of its scenes remind you of 'Jathi Ratnalu'. The direction taken by the film is different from Naveen Polishetty's movie, though.


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