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Movie: Poster
Release Date: 19-11-21
Director: TMR
Producers: T Mahipal Reddy, Sekhar Reddy
Camera: Rahul

A Telugu film titled Poster released in theatres. The film has opened to mixed reviews from the audience. Poster is a low budget film with a new cast and crew. If you are waiting for Poster review, here we go.

Plot: Actor Vijay Dharan (Srinu) is loafing around with friends. Srinu's father works under theatre owner (Peddi Reddy). Srinu falls in love with Peddi Reddy's daughter, Meghana (Akshata). Peddi Reddy likes Srinu's commanding power and how he handles situations. Peddi Reddy who is impressed with Srinu, asks him to work for him. Peddi Reddy usea Srinu for settlement cases. Later, Peddi Reddy learns about Srinu’s affair with his daughter Meghana. Peddi Reddy insults Srinu's family in their village. Srinu’s father throws him out of the house. How does Srinu's life changes after he steps out of the house? Will Srinu and Meghana love story succeed forms the crux of the film. 

Performance: Vijay Dharan steals the show with his performance. Meghana looks adorable as a village belle. The supporting cast do justice to their characters.

Analysis: Poster marks the debut of  TMR. His efforts to tell a story to the audience is visible on the screen. There is a lag in between, but the film is still watchable. Poster is a good attempt for a first timer.

Plus Points

Vijay, Akshata performance
Background music

Minus Point

Slow narration

Verdict: Poster is a one-time watch.


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