Mission 2020 Movie Review

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Star cast: Naveen Chandra, Naga Babu, Swathi Sharma
Director: Karanam Babji
Producers: Venkatesham Goud Kontham and KVSSL Ramesh Raju
Music Director: Rap Rock Shakeel

Plot: Naveen Chandra is a strict police officer in the film. Prakash and his four friends are bright students in college, they come from middle class backgrounds. They are addicted to porn videos. Influenced by those, they even rape their own friend Swathi. How Naveen Chandra catches them forms the rest of the story.

Performance: Naveen Chandra has done justice to his role. He is looking good in cop avatar. Naga Babu and Satya Prakash have also given worthy performances in the film.

Plus points:

Father sentiment 
Naveen Chandra's performance 

Minus points:

The Director has failed to execute the film well. Swathi's character could have been elevated better as it would have added some weightage to the film.

Verdict: Mission 2020 is a message oriented film. Except Naveen Chandra’s performance, there’s nothing on offer in the film.


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