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Unni Mukundan's  Mayuraakshi got released in theatres today. The film is produced by Jayant Kumar under the banner Shri Shri Shri Shalini productions. The film music has been composed by Gopi Sundar. Mayuraakshi has opened to positive reviews from all quarters. Here's the review of the film:

Plot: Doctor Ajay falls in love with Central minister Choduappa's granddaughter(Jhansi). One fine day, Central minister Choduappa visit Ajay hospital for a regular check-up. The minister gets admitted in the hospital due to high blood pressure, Ajay treats minister with an injection for high blood pressure.  Unfortunately, Choduappa gets a heart attack for Ajay's treatment. Police will file a case against Ajay for Choduappa's death. They will arrest the doctor for it. What is the real reason behind Choduappa's death? How Ajay will get release or bail from jail forms the story? Who is Mayuraakashi(Miya George) in the fllm. 

Performance: Unni Mukundan gets into the skin of his character. He delivers a fine performance in the film. Miya George will genuinely win our hearts with her stellar performance in the film. She has made everyone to sit up and take a notice of her work in Mayuraakashi. The rest of the cast also did equal justice to their roles.

Analysis: The first half of Mayuraakashi is a love track between Ajay Jhansi, which went at in smooth pace till the interval block. The suspense in the second half of Mayuraakash will make everyone glued to their seats. Unni Mukundana and Miya George's on-screen chemistry is one of the major highlights of the film. 

Verdict: Mayuraakshi is a film to watch in theatres to enjoy the suspense of the film with background music.

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