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Chakravyuham: The Trap is produced by Sahasra Creations. The film has been released in theatres today (June 2). Mythri Movie Makers' distribution company has put out the film in theatres. What is the crime thriller about? What considerations does it make in telling its story? Let's find out in this review.


A housewife named Sirisha (Urvashi Pardeshi) is found dead on a fateful day. Her husband is Sanjay (Vivek Trivedi), a business leader. In comes Inspector Sathya (Ajay), who is tasked to find out who the culprit is. Sathya starts out by suspecting that Sirisha had an extra-marital affair with Sanjay's friend Sarath. In that case, did Sanjay murder his wife out of sheer rage? Is there more to the murder than meets the eye? Soon, Sathya finds out that a couple of other mysterious incidents have happened around the key players. The second half is about how the cop chases the mystery.


Ajay is popular for his phenomenal performances in several films. In this film, he plays a cop. He is not a typical lead man. He gets into a serious mode. Gnaneswari Kandregula plays his subordinate in the police department. Vivek Trivedi and Urvashi Pardeshi are good, while Pragya Nayan is very good in key portions. Srikanth Iyengar is seen in an extended cameo.


Writer-director Chetkuri Madhusudhan tells a suspenseful story without confusing the audience. The investigator follows a trial-and-error format to trace the culprit. Nothing is over until it is over.

In the second half, the backstory of two key characters really intensifies the drama. The suspense element has been deployed so well in the pre-climax and climax portions. Greed and lust compete with each other in this tale filled with deliberate or inevitable crimes.

Composer Bharath Manchiraju's music is jarring, though. The background music turns out to be a bad experiment. At less than two hours, the film is impressively timed.


The storyline.
The ability to maintain suspense till the end.
The two characters who reveal their true colours in the second half.
The believable investigation track.


Background music.
The lack of authenticity in some investigation scenes.


'Chakravyuham' is about a trap. We have to wait till the climax to know who is trapped and who is the one trapping one or more victims. Watch it with low expectations.

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