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Movies are the visual description of what the community needs, wants, and wishes for. It depicts the lives of every community in the world. When it comes to personal topics like mental health, disorders, and other mind and body-related issues, many movies portray the same with great efficiency and accuracy, while some are way too different from what reality is. Here is the list of the best mental health-related movies that people should watch:

 1. Mind Mera Mind

Mind Mera Mind is A Story Based on the Mental Health and Supposed to Discover the Problems around the LGBT Community and all Other People who are Suffering from the Mental Health Issue. This Film Is Directed and Written by Harsh Agarwal, his Films Are Known for their Strong and Unique Message to the Viewers, In this Film, he Is Trying to Attract Some Audiences who have Problems Like Anxiety, Insomnia, Self-doubt, loneliness, Toxic Masculinity, and Depression.

The Lead Character is played by Social media Influencer and content Creator Raghav Sharma. Various other actors a mix of community members and Allies play other roles. Prateek (Raghav) is Going through these Problems and He Even Can't Handle them Alone So he Got Help from his Friend Vijay (Saamit Gupta). Vijay Shares his Own Experience of these Types of Problems with Prateek and sent him to A Therapist which really helped Prateek to Get Over These Mind Problems. Story Is Good and the way he tried to show Problems in A Living Way is a unique way to see the Things around Us. The film is produced by Neeraj Churi Under the Banner of Lotus Visual Production.

2. Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi’ is one of the better-known Indian movies which have been designed to address the issue of youth and their mental health. Kaira, who was played by Alia Bhat, is a cinematographer. She suffers from very strong issues of abandonment and psychological issues. She realizes her problems on her own. Unlike most youths, she asks for help from Jug. Jug, played by Shah Rukh Khan, turns out to be an unconventional therapist. He plays an unforgettable role in her life.

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The movie explores the journey which has been experienced by Kaira. She develops herself. Her wounds are healed. The movie has been able to break several obstacles faced by the adults of this world. It has focused on the point that no matter how strong one might be, they need the help of an expert when the issue is related to mental health.

3. Depression: The Skeleton Twins

Directed by Craig Johnson and written by Craig Johnson and Mark Heyman, this movie has the right balance between lighthearted humor and heavier subject matter. The story revolves around the twins fighting depression. As the movie begins we can find that Milo (played by Bill Hader) attempts to kill himself while slitting his wrists.

While his estranged twin sister Maggie(played by Kristen Wiig) is also trying to commit suicide by consuming a handful of pills but she is stopped by a phone call from a hospital where she knows about the suicide attempt of her brother. The twins try to connect the dots of their lives while fighting their issues. This film walks the audience through the dark sides of depression and the various problems that are faced by people who are diagnosed with this.

This film won the best screenplay at the Sundance Film Festival.

4. Bipolar disorder: Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

Directed by David O. Russell and written by David O. Russell, this movie depicts the life of people who suffer from bipolar disorder. This film is known for its raw emotions and brutal honesty. "Pat" (played by Bradley Cooper) is a teacher who got his bail from a court-ordered stint situated in Baltimore psychiatric hospital. He was on trial for attacking a man who had an affair with his wife. While Tiffany(played by Jennifer Lawrence) is a widow who is suffering from an unknown disorder. Tiffany feels for Patrizio "Pat" Solitano Jr. in the first meeting where they talk about their drugs. Tiffany tries to win Pat's heart but all he wanted to do was to get back with his wife.

In the last scene, we can see that Pt realized his love for Tiffany as he kept ignoring those feelings he felt at his heart. The story shows how people with bipolar disorder would react to situations they feel uncomfortable in and the people they dislike. It shows the importance of a society that is open and friendly to such people and many more topics. The film won many awards like the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. The film received eight Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Adapted Screenplay. It was also a box office hit earning $236 million worldwide.

5. Chhichhore

In ‘Chhichhore’, Sushant Singh Rajput had played the role of a father of a teenage boy. He has a son who tried to commit suicide as he had not qualified into IIT. Sushant as the father tried to explain to him the turns and troubles of life. He narrates the stories of his college days. He explains to his son that the term loser is based solely on the perspective of the person.

The film explores the themes of friendship and romance with the hostel Life spent by Sushant and six of his friends. The entire film sheds light on the fact that losers can rebrand their lives as the same individuals. There is no need to fit into the cliche but rather develop oneself.

The movie has shown the viewers about the great times of life and how one can make the best of any situation. The movie has also done a great job in showing the parental pressure on children and definitely, peer pressure.

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