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Cascade Pictures has produced Alipiriki Allantha Dooramlo with a new cast. Producers Ramesh Dabbugottu and Reddy Rajendra P have released the film with an optimistic mindset. Written and directed by Anand J, the film was released in theatres on 18 November 2022. N Raavan Reddy, Sri Nikitha, Lahari Gudivada and Alankrita Shah have played the main roles in it.


The story is set in Tirupathi. Varadhi (Raavan Nitturu) comes from a middle-class family. He has got financial problems. Somehow, with his small business and other avenues, he is trying to live an ordinary life. He falls in love with Keerthi (Sree Nikita), the daughter of a rich man. In a shocking twist, Varadhi gets involved in an offence involving a huge sum of two crores. This happens at a time when his love life falls into trouble. His girlfriend's arrogant dad asks him to become eligible to marry his daughter.

The film narrates how Varadhi, who has a huge dreams in his mind, encounters a series of problems because of various factors. The story also involves a tourist who has a religious promise to fulfil.


Raavan has done a really nice job. He is a solid newcomer whose performance is very natural. There are no unrealistic fights or dialogues and therefore, the newcomer does an honest job. Sri Nikitha is cute and also delivers a neat performance.

Alankritha Sha, Ravindar Bommakanti, Prasad Behra have also done justice to their respective roles. Other artists also make their presence felt.

What's hot?

The film's pacing is a plus. The love story doesn't waste your time. The screenplay doesn't deviate from the central plot.

There are occasions when the film succeeds in creating tension. The mood is established well in the second half, especially.

There are emotional scenes that are not too melodramatic. The dialogues are also restrained.

D.G.K's cinematography captures the small-town backdrop well. The chases are well done. The background music by Phani Kalyan induces the right feel. Satya Giduturi's editing is efficient. The art direction by Lakshman Rao works. Kitttu Vissapragada's lyrics are meaningful.

What's not?

The length could have been managed better. There are a few scenes that could have been written with more sincerity. 


You will like this humble story that has got all the needed elements. Watch it.

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