SKINKRAFT Adds Over 20 New Products To Their Skincare Portfolio

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Give your skin the love and care of customized products that suit your skin's specific characteristics and needs with SkinKraft – India’s first AI-driven dermatologically approved Beauty brand. Apart from their customization offerings the products are also paraben free, animal cruelty free & SkinKraft adopts a clean beauty practice SkinKraft gets the pulse of what it takes to deliver a truly unique product hence they are committed to help individual needs through their personalised programme.

Get your skin to its natural state of health and glow with over 20 newly launched products by SkinKraft, under their skincare portfolio which caters the needs of women with various skin concerns.

Below are details on the new launches by the brand -

Cleanser – SkinKraft introduces 6 cleanser that address various concerns and ingredients including Aloe Niacinamide, Colloidal Oatmeal, Neem Leaf Extract, Papaya Fruit Extract that helps rebuild and supports the compromised skin barrier and increases moisture retention. These cleansers remove dirt, dust and bacteria while reducing excess oil production throughout the day.   

Toner – The 4 newly launched toners are formulated with ingredients like Cucumber, Tea tree, Salicylic acid, Rose and Green tea. These toners are gentle exfoliators with pH balance and skin hydrating properties. They effectively clear excess oil, traces of dirt and impurities trapped in your pores. Additionally it promotes production of healthy collagen that brightens the complexion and boosts skin’s firmness.

Moisturiser – The 5 new variants of moisturizers reinforces your skin’s natural moisture barrier to help dehydrated skin and retain moisture even in most drying conditions. It’s also formulated to balance excess oil production, decongest skin, brighten complexion, while reducing future breakouts. These moisturisers regulate oil production, brightens skin complexion, decongests skin, protects from environmental stressors and limits excess water loss.

Night Cream – Brightside, Age Interlude, Correxion Night Cream are 3 recently launched night creams are quick-to-absorb and have a non-greasy formula that supports cell production.

The products contain retinol, calendula, niacinamide, vitamin C which helps fade away dark spots and brighten dull skin for lasting glow while stimulating the restoration process of skin.

Actives – Re-texturing, Oil Balance, Dark spot brightening, Daily Reparative, Correxion spot rectifying, Acne facial serums and a lot more actives are launched which target different skin concerns. These actives gently exfoliate the dead cell layer, reducing fine lines, uneven skin tone and clears pore congestion for a brighter complexion. An antioxidant rich serums specially formulated to nourish the skin, minimize fine lines, boosts collagen that enhances cell growth resulting in firmer looking skin.

Price point is between Rs 699 to Rs 899

These are now available at all leading market places like Amazon, Myntra, Tata Cliq and Flipkart.

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