Explained: The Assisted Reproductive Technology Regulation (ART) Bill 2020

Assisted Reproductive Technology Regulation Bill (ART) bill Explained - Sakshi Post

1. What the ART bill is about?

As per the information that’s available till now about the proposed legislation and understood by us, the  Assisted Reproductive Technology Regulation Bill (ART) bill-2020 is about bringing in a defined set of regulations in the field of IVF and Fertility treatments being provided in India. Till now, there were no specific laws in force in this area. The Bill aims at bringing more defined structure, standardization of clinical treatments being provided to patients and improve safety and empower the patients

2. How the bill will benefit couples who are struggling with infertility?

The proposed legislation will benefit by

  1. empowering couples by making better and more information available to them about treatment options
  2. improve awareness about IVF and fertility treatments
  3. improving patient safety and awareness about patient rights

3. What problems couples have faced initially while the bill was not passed?

The legislation should help patients by providing them with more standardized treatment protocols in India; making more information available for patients so they can make choices about their treatment with full knowledge and understanding

4. Would require data on how many cases are coming now

Infertility is a growing problem in India. Out of the total population in childbearing age, approximately 10-15% suffer from some kind of infertility issue. With increasing awareness, more and more people are coming forward now to explore IVF and fertility treatments.

 Inputs By Dr. Prof. (Col.) Pankaj Talwar, VSM, Head, Medical Services Birla Fertility and IVF

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