Jai Bhim Movie Review, Rating: Suriya Steals The Show in This Courtroom Drama

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Suriya's Jai Bhim on Amazon Prime Video: Yet another movie of Kollywood superstar Jai Bhim hit the OTT platform today. Yes. The much awaited Suriya movie has started streaming on amazon Prime Video much to the delight of Suriya fans and the film has opened to fantastic reviews, what more could his fans ask for? It appears, Diwali has arrived early for Suriya fans.

Jai Bhim plot
Suriya's courtroom drama Jai Bhim is directed by TJ Gnanavel. The film revolves around an activist lawyer's battle to get justice for the pregnant wife of a tribal man who goes missing after a false case is filed against him. Tribals are easy targets for the police in this Tamil Nadu region. They are often linked to cases for crimes they had no connection to. They are whisked away by the cops and their plight thereafter forms the crux of  the story in Jai Bhim streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Jai Bhim Review

Performance: Jai Bhim offers some engaging moments and the storytelling is exemplary. Suriya's flawless performance takes the movie up a notch. His charisma is unmissable and so are his assertive dialogues and spellbinding performance as a lawyer.

The movie revolves around Irula tribals and is based on real life events after human rights lawyer K Chandru filed a habeas corpus petition at the Madras High Court way back in 1995.

Suriya's Jai Bhim holds mirror to police brutality on an Irula man, a helpless pregnant woman's cry for help and an activist lawyer's unrelenting fight against injustice. The storytelling just keeps  the audience engrossed from start to finish.

But yes, if you have watched movies like Karnan, Pariyerum Perumal Asuran or Visaranai, you are bound to get a feeling of deja vu feeling. But unlike Karnan, Jai Bhim isn't restricted to the rural setting. The courtroom drama is what makes this engrossing. Prakash Raj, Lijimol Jose and Manikandan give the required support in making the movie watchable. 

Verdict: Jai Bhim is a must watch and portrays Suriya in a never before seen avatar. 


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