US President Joe Biden Blames Afghan Military's Incapability For Taliban Crisis

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With all that is happening in Afghanistan, many blamed US president Joe Biden for giving kind of a freeway to the Taliban. As soon as the US withdrew its support and military from Afghanistan, it became open to the Taliban. What came as a shock to the US was the rapid descent of the country. It didn’t take any time for the terrorist troop to takeover.

Following their takeover, the country was laid in chaos. Airports are now flooded with thousands of people wanting to flee Afghanistan. The government officials were the first ones to run away. Some left even before the Taliban reached Kabul.

After temporarily returning to the White House from Camp David, Biden spoke with Americans from the East Room. He said that he had no regrets about ending the country's longest battle. However, Biden shared that it was indeed sad that even after all these years; the Afghan military did not change. 20 years and Afghan troops still did not shift to becoming not capable enough to defend their own country.

Biden added that in the past 20 years, they supported Afghanistan in every way they could. They provided them with military assistance. We gave them the necessary tools and paid for its maintenance. We helped them and guided them to shape their own future. But sadly there is no way we could have provided them with the courage and will to fight for their own secure future.

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The US president said all this and blamed the Afghan military for lacking the will to fight. But he also admitted that the Taliban takeover happened way sooner than he thought it would. The withdrawal of the US was indeed hard and messy.

Remember that the US has sent its men to fight for Afghanistan. All these years, we spent our money and sent men and women to fight for them, but not anymore. "The buck stops with me." He added that when our people gave their all to fight Afghan’s battle, their own troops had no interest at all. Why will the US fight for them, when they themselves don’t want o stand up for their country?

He said that there was no point in blaming him. All the other countries calling him out and criticizing the US for what they did, is not right. Biden said that we had planned for everything. We even planned for the safe evacuation of Americans from that country.

You should see that even the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country even before the Taliban arrived in Kabul. Officials and rulers were the first ones to escape. The military gave up and didn’t even try to fight. All these are also the factors for their takeover. The US even invested in their military training and after all these years, the Afghan troops didn’t even fight.

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