US President Donald Trump Announces Emergency Approval Convalescent Plasma To Treat COVID-19 Patients

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The US Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency approval for the use of convalescent plasma as a treatment against COVID-19 that killed more than 1,76,000 people in the US. The plasma is believed to have antibodies that can help fight against the disease and protect people from being seriously hurt by the virus.

Donald Trump asserted that "In our fight against China virus, I am pleased to make a truly historic announcement, that will save countless lives. The FDA has approved an emergency use authorisation for a treatment known as convalescent plasma."

He said that, "It's only made possible because of Operation Warp Speed, i.e. everybody working together. We're years ahead of approvals. If we went by the speed levels of past administration would be 2-3 yrs behind where we're today. That includes vaccines you would be hearing about very soon, very shortly."

Donald Trump further added that, "To deliver treatments and vaccine to save lives, we are moving unnecessary barriers and delays, not by cutting corners but by martially the full power of the federal government."

The US President said that "We provided 48 million dollars to fund the studies that tested the effectiveness of the plasma treatment. Around one hundred thousand Americans have already enrolled in receiving this treatment. In clinical studies, convalescent plasma reduced mortality by 35%."

He said that the FDA has found convalescent plasma treatment to be safe and very effective based on science and data.

The United States is one of the worst-hit countries with coronavirus. Talking about the US' achievement in the handling of the novel coronavirus pandemic, Trump said that, "The US has experienced the lowest case fatality rate among major countries of the world."

Donald Trump completed his speech by saying that, "You can see the results going up even substantially in the coming days."

Dr Stephen M Hahn said that "Experts at US FDA who have reviewed the totality of data "have concluded that COVID-19 convalescent plasma is safe and shows promising efficacy, thereby meeting the criteria for an emergency use authorization."

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