No Trousers Tube Ride 2023: Why Londoners Strip Off their Pants

No Trousers Tube Ride 2023: Why Londoners Strip Off their Pants - Sakshi Post

No Trousers Tube Ride 2023: The No Trousers Tube ride in London made its return in the UK in 2023, post the COVID pandemic stalling this event, where people (both men and women) went trouser-less on Sunday.

 January 8th marked the inaugural trouser-less tube ride on the Elizabeth Line where hundreds of travelers took off their pants on the Elizabeth Line which had opened last year and looked nonchalant as possible. The whole idea is not to look or feel uncomfortable in this interesting concept.

All You Want to Know About No Trousers Tube Ride 2023

The annual No Trousers Tube Ride custom was started 20 years ago, not in London but in New York city.

It was started by a comic performance art group, Improv Everywhere.

According to the website of the Imrpov Everywhere, the endeavour began as a simple practical joke involving seven people.

The first-ever incident in NYC comprised seven trouser-less guys pretending not to see one another as they boarded a subway train at each station for seven straight stops.

Call it absurd or silly but this tradition was a hit and has now become a global event across 60 locations worldwide. The trouser-less tradition is now celebrated in  London, Germany, France, Australia, Romania, Lisbon, Tokyo, and Toronto.

It was stalled for two years due to the COVID pandemic and re-launched this year 2023.

The Stiff Upper Lip Society was in charge of planning the No Trousers Tube 2023 event in London.

So what does the No Trousers Tube event entail?

Simple – One has to be willing to take off their pants on the subway.

Maintain a composed demeanour and act as if everything is normal and keep straight face.

You only have to take your pants off and leave your underwear, shoes, and socks. The top part of your clothes remains.

The idea is to be comfortable with yourself and others in this one-day event and you get to flaunt the funkiest and flamboyant underwear, boxers socks, and shoes this one day! 

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