India's Field Athlete Neeraj Chopra's Life Story

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World Athletics Day 2022: Learn about India's first Olympic gold medalist in track and field, Neeraj Chopra.

World Athletics Day 2022: Every year on May 7, people commemorate World Athletics Day. Here you may learn about the history, meaning, and significance of this day.

New Delhi: Every year on May 7, people commemorate World Athletics Day to raise awareness about the benefits of fitness and to encourage people to participate in sports. The International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) established the day in 1996. World Athletics, the international governing body for athletics, currently commemorates the day.

On this day, many different events, competitions, and tournaments take place in schools and colleges. However, due to the pandemic, these were halted in 2020.

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World Athletics Day 2022: Date

Every year on May 7, the International Day of Athletics is commemorated. The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), formerly the International Amateur Athletic Federation, was founded on this day. The organisation began as an 'Athletics for a Better World' social responsibility project.

World Athletics Day 2022: History and Significance

World Athletics Day was founded in 1996 by then-IAAF President Primo Nebiolo. The goal of the day is to provide athletic opportunities to students from schools, colleges, and other organisations. As a result, the IAAF began organising various sporting events to highlight the value of the physical activity.

The IAAF's major goal is to emphasise young people's athletic abilities while also ensuring that they participate in athletics as much as possible. The IAAF also wants to promote awareness about the advantages of physical activity.

Let us honour today's World Athletics Day by honouring India's Golden Boy, Neeraj Chopra. Neeraj Chopra, an Indian track and field athlete, was born on December 24, 1997, and made the entire country happy by earning a gold medal at the 2020 Olympic Games. Later, Neeraj became India's first Olympic gold medalist in track and field. The 23-year-old made history by taking first place in the men's javelin throw final with a best throw of 87.58 metres. Neeraj Chopra was born in the village of Khandra in the Panipat district of Haryana to a Ror family.

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