Dallas: Balayya, Pawan Kalyan Fans Drunken Brawl On New Year's Eve, One Arrested

TDP activist NRI KC Chekuri Arrested in Dallas Texas - Sakshi Post

DALLAS: Rival fans sparring over their matinee idols is a common event in the country, but this time the war went too far... literally all the way to the city of Dallas in the State of Texas of United States, and also took a political and castist turn.

Actor Nandamuri Balakrishna fans who were also TDP activists and the Pawan Kalyan-Jana Sena Party fans got into a drunken brawl on December 31st night on the eve of New Year. A key TDP member in Dallas and an NRI named KC Chekuri, who was participating in a  musical night in Dallas to rein in the New Year started shouting 'Jai Balayya' and went on to a group of Pawan Kalyan fans there. They in return chanted  'Jai Pawan' and this led to a major argument between the two groups.

The TDP members mocked the JSP fans saying that Pawan Kalyan had shamelessly fallen on Balayya's feet even when he rebuked them in a derogatory manner. They went ahead and tore the posters of Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan which were kept there. Enraged, Pawan Kalyan fans were about to attack them but thanks to the timely intervention of the event manager who stepped in stopped the fight from turning violent. The y made attempts to reconcile both groups. But that's when KC Chekuri attacked the event managers and reportedly punched them in the fistfight. The event managers approached the Carrollton Police and filed a case of assault against Chekuri who was arrested. He was later moved to Dallas Police Station.

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In a damage control mode and to avoid further embarrassment it is reported that TDP leaders are speaking to the Telugu Association of North America  (TANA) members to try and get Chekuri out on bail.

Interestingly Pawan Kalyan will appear in Balakrishna's celebrity talk show Unstoppable with NBK. This news and photos of both the actors together generated a lot of buzz among fans and curiosity over what Balakrishna is likely to ask Pawan in the interview. 

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