Canada to Deport 700 Indian Students Over Fake Admission Offer Letter

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The dream of over 700 Indian students shattered as they are facing deportation from Canada after the authorities in the foreign country found their ‘admission offer letters’ to education institutions to be fake. 

Most of the students are from Punjab who had migrated to Canada through a Jalandhar-based Brijesh Mishra-led Education Migration Services consultancy. After thorough inspection of ‘‘admission offer letters’, the Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA) has handed the deportation notices to the Indian students. 

The student visa applications were filed in 2018 onwards till 2022. The Jalandhar-based consultancy has reportedly charged anywhere between Rs 16 and Rs 20 lakhs for all expenses, including admission fees to the premier institute Humber college. 

According to reports, when the students reached Canada, Brijesh Mishra informed the students saying all the seats in the courses offered to them at Humber college were filled. He informed them they should either wait for six months until the start of the next semester or they could get admission to another college. He returned their Humber college fee to gain their confidence. 

The students then joined the 2-year diploma courses in some lesser-known college and got work permits after completing their courses. The students realised they were duped by the Jalandhar agency when they submitted relevant documents to the immigration department seeking permanent resident (PR) status in Canada. 

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