Afghan Woman Delivers Baby Girl on US Military Plane Fleeing Taliban, Child Named Reach!

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We are all aware of the terrible conditions that are going on in Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover. Many Afghans have attempted to flee, and the US military has assisted them. On one such US military jet, an Afghan mother gave birth to a baby girl while her family fled Taliban control.

According to reports, the baby's mother got labour pains on Saturday while on their way to a US military base in Germany. As soon as the jet touched down, military-medical people assisted the mother in delivering her baby in the plane's cargo hold. After that, the mother and infant were shifted to a local hospital.

The infant girl was named Reach, after the aircraft's code name. To communicate with other aircraft and control towers, each US Air Force aircraft has a code name, and the code for C-17 freight planes is generally "Reach" followed by a number.

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 The secret name of the aircraft on which the Afghan family was travelling was Reach 828 so, the parents chose to name their kid as Reach said General Tod Wolters, the chief of US European Command. Reach and her parents, along with other Afghan refugees, are on their way to the United States.

Only 100 of the 7,000 individuals evacuated from Kabul and passing through US facilities in Europe since August 20 required medical attention. 25 of the 100 people have been admitted to a nearby hospital, while 12 have already been discharged.

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