Viral Video: Hyderabad Woman Assaults Watchman For Stopping Her Car

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HYDERABAD: A woman in Hyderabad ended up on the wrong side of civility by doing what even the most notorious feudal lords would think twice to do. She bashed up a poor watchman at an apartment complex for the sin of stopping her car at the entrance. A video of the woman’s obnoxious behaviour and unprovoked assault on the guard was captured by the CCTV camera installed there.

The shocking incident, which portrays the woman in an overbearing demeanour, happened at the entrance of Siri Apartment in Chandanagar on Tuesday. The woman, trying to enter the apartment lane in her car, was halted by the watchman who reportedly told her that vehicles without permission will not be allowed inside.

Infuriated by this, the woman came out of her car, approached the watchman in a huff and began raining punches on him besides kicking him with her leg. Unable to contain her anger, she even used her footwear to repeatedly beat the hapless guard.

The CCTV camera visuals, which captured the entire episode, clearly show the woman’s high-handed and unkind behaviour against the watchman. Based on a complaint from the victim, the police began probing the incident and the CCTV footage is expected to play out as a key piece of evidence.

Watch the video below of the visuals captured by the CCTV camera.

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