No ICU Beds At Gandhi Hospital Hyderabad As Influx of Critical COVID Cases Rise

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Gandhi Hospital running out of ICU Beds

Health Minister asks hospitals not to refer all the critical patients to Gandhi Hospital

Gandhi Hospital has approximately 1,100 beds with oxygen and ventilators, making it the first hospital in Telangana to have over 600 patients on ventilator support

Hyderabad: The influx of Covid patients in critical condition has been so high that all 619 ICU/ventilator beds at Gandhi Hospital have been filled in just a few days, with just a few remaining at Telangana Institute of Medical Sciences (TIMS), Gachibowli.

Gandhi Hospital has about 1,100 beds with oxygen and ventilators--the first time in Telangana that a hospital has more than 600 patients on ventilator support.

Eatala Rajendar, the TS Minister of Health, has urged private hospital executives and doctors at government hospitals to ensure that critical patients in their care are treated locally rather than being referred to Gandhi Hospital.

“After providing treatment, when a patient’s medical condition worsens, they are immediately referred to Gandhi Hospital by the managements of private hospitals and even government hospitals in districts. Strict orders have been issued to doctors at government hospitals to refer such patients to Area or District Hospitals that are equipped with ventilators. Private hospitals too should avoid referring because there is every possibility that the critical patient might die on the way to Gandhi Hospital. Please try to provide oxygen or ventilator support to critical patients locally,” he stated.

The State government recently allowed around 1,038 private hospitals in Telangana to treat Covid patients in order to ensure the availability of more beds. Small and medium private hospitals are receiving Remdesivir and oxygen from the Health Department.

“I urge private hospitals not to force patients or their relatives to go and procure medicines like Remdesivir or oxygen on their own. We have supplied a sufficient number of Remdesivir injections to private hospitals. I warn private hospitals not to try to make profits out of people’s misery,” Rajender warned.

If you have symptoms, go to the doctor.

If Covid positive patients in home isolation experience symptoms, they must go to the nearest government healthcare facility right away. COVID Patients, who are alone at home must visit a healthcare facility if their symptoms worsen and their fever does not go down or if they still have body pains.

According to senior health officials, there are times when Covid-19 positive people put off going to the hospital, resulting in an increase in infections.

Eatala issues a strong warning.

Telangana health minister, Eatala Rajender, issued a warning on Thursday to those looking to make a quick buck at the expense of the unfortunate Covid patients.

“At a time when the entire government machinery is working overtime to provide facilities like beds, medicines, and oxygen to Covid patients, there are some individuals and even hospital managements who are trying to make profits. There are also people selling medicine in the black market. The Health Department is keenly observing these developments, and at the right time, swift and decisive action will be taken against them,” Rajender cautioned.

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