It's Official: Coronavirus is Airborne Because Scientists Say So!

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After a lot of discussion and theories, scientists are now saying that Coronavirus can spread through the air. Medical experts are coming to terms with this fact. Even though there is still confusion in minds of many, this has been confirmed by the health authorities.

Scientists are not just claiming this out of nowhere. They have asked officials to check the public water provisions and other supplies. The World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have urged not to overlook this possibility.

Yes, fresh air and a clean environment will lessen the risk of catching the flu but it doesn’t mean you are immune.

A professor in the school of earth and atmospheric sciences at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, Lidia Morawska said that people always believe that they are getting fresh water from their taps. Similarly, we should also keep a check on the indoor air quality. The air we breathe should also be as clean as possible.

The experts are now urging WHO to share their guidelines regarding air quality. If we are living in a well-ventilated and clean atmosphere, there are fewer chances that we will catch any disease or infection. Guidelines on airflow, filtration, pollutant and other factors that you will need to take care of, can be shared by the WHO.

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“This cloud which stays around in the air, it may contain the virus,” shared Lidia Morawska. The invisible particles can be carried through the air. We cant see it, but it is there.

Experts have shared that the risk can be avoided by wearing a mask in public and taking proper precautions. The numbers are dropping because everyone is following the Covid norms. You need to follow the Covid safety norms like wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing. Also, do not forget to maintain your distance from the infected person.

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