Superfoods to Keep Your Skin Healthy

We all know you are what you eat. But most particularly, your skin really is what you eat.

Budget be damned, these beautiful green babies are the key to great skin, good hair and a happy gut. These superfood fruits have super hydrating complexion powers – they’re packed with healthy monounsaturated fats to give you a plump, happy inner glow. They’re full of Vitamin E, which we have long known helps maintain the skins barrier function and prevents moisture loss.

Citrus Fruits
The vitamin C content of citrus fruits helps your skin support beautiful collagen, which helps smooth over fine lines and wrinkles. A good intake of vitamin c is touted as being the key ingredient in improving skins overall texture – and many of us aren’t getting enough. Drinking a glass of warm water with a whole lemon squeezed into it in the morning is not only cleansing for your gut but helps you to increase your vitamin c intake dramatically, helping to improve your skin.

We have spoken in depth about retinol before, and most of your anti-aging skincare products now contain this super ingredient. But where do we get retinol from in our food? Carrots. Carrots contain a high level of beta carotene, which is converted into retinol and thus into Vitamin A. Vitamin A is one of the major ingredients needed for the skin to rejuvenate, self-heal and soothe. A carrot a day is sure to help your skin get that glowing look.

Blueberries have been on the superfoods list for years, not only for their exceptionally high antioxidant levels but for their anthocyanins, which are thought to help fight cancer. Current research suggests that eating blueberries is a great way to rid your skin of toxins and free radicals, helping clear your skin from the inside out.

Pomegranates contain a potent antioxidant called polyphenols, as well as 3 times the antioxidants of green tea or red wine. The polyphenols protect your skin from strong, damaging UV rays, as well as helping reverse the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.

Not only are cruciferous vegetables filling and full of a huge number of antioxidants, but broccoli, in particular, is loaded with vitamin c which boosts collagen production to soften fine lines and wrinkles. Look out for any supplements containing power greens – they’ll often include broccoli (or it’s little cousin spinach) to help boost your overall nutrition and vitamin c intake.

Salmon helps ensure that you are well hydrated, which obviously reflects in your skin. The combination of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in salmon will nourish your skin from the inside out. If the idea of eating more fish really doesn’t appeal, you can always take the Miss Vitality Good Oil capsules, each containing 1000mg of fish oil from small fish sources, which is better for the environment.

Capsicum is PACKED with vitamin C – approximately 3 times that found in your average orange. Long a favorite in the Korean beauty market, the vitamin C from capsicum both brightens the skin, thanks to its antioxidant strength, and firms your skin as it helps you to produce more collagen. Win win.

Walnuts are a powerhouse of good skin nutrients. They’re packed with protective antioxidants, nourishing omega-3’s and tonnes of other vitamins, minerals and fibre. Whether you eat them as a snack, add them into pesto instead of pine nuts or include them in your morning smoothie, these nuts will give your skin the pep it needs.

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