Gifting Options From Evara’s Celestial Inspired Pieces For Women’s Day

Gifting Options From Evara’s Celestial Inspired Pieces For Women’s Day   - Sakshi Post

Women’s Day 2022 Special: Gifting options from Evara’s Celestial Inspired Pieces 

This elegant pair of earrings with intricate lattice “windows” and a diamond-studded interior is cast in rare platinum, a metal that stays true to its form and will never fade. The windows represent your ability to open yourself up to a world of possibilities and allow your fabulously feminine spirit to shine through every time. 

We have the stars and galaxies within us and those who realize the potential of this can achieve the unachievable. Navigate through your dreams with this constellation on your finger. Made of platinum, a metal that is 40% denser than gold, this infinity-shaped ring celebrates the fulfillment of your infinite dreams.

This piece crafted in 95% pure platinum features a dream-like scattering of forms highlighted with diamonds. Held together by a rose gold facet, this bracelet is symbolic of you. A woman who holds together your many dreams by refusing to be anyone but yourself. 

This constellation around your neck compliments the universe within you. A universe that is full of optimism and possibilities. Platinum, one of the strongest and the rarest metal is sourced to make this stunning neckpiece. Its strength matches your strength as you thrive in life being yourself.

You, your days, and your lifestyle is a hurricane, but you know that this hurricane is a magical one. It is magic because it is you. Wear these magical hurricane earrings and let the world know who you are. Crafted in platinum, a metal that stays strong, these earrings stand any given test of time like you do.

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