Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today's Episode October 13: Jaanu Gifts A Saree To Jnanamba

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After the car stops at their home, Mallika realises that she had a dream about throwing Janaki out of the house. Jnanamba then goes inside the house calmly without creating any disturbance. Mallika who gets puzzled in the beginning gets to know that Janaki and her husband went out. 

Rama Chandra and Janaki stop at a mall to buy a saree. Janaki brings a saree and asks him how it was. Rama likes the saree but tells her that it will suit elder people and not his wife. Jaanu then explains that the saree is for Jnanamba. 

Meanwhile, Govindaraju, Vishnu and Chikitha decorate the house to celebrate Janaki's birthday. They observe that Jnanamba did not bring the cake. Akhil says that he will go and bring the cake. 

Rama and Janaki reach home and get to know that Jnanamba's mood is off since morning and did not talk to anyone. Jaanu then tells everyone that she had brought her a saree. She says that she will give it to her mother-in-law and talk to her. Will Jnanamba accept the saree and celebrate Jaanu's birthday is to be watched in the next episode.

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