Sai Pallavi on Liplock Scene With Naga Chaitanya In Love Story

Sai Pallavi About The Liplock Scene With Naga Chaitanya In Love Story - Sakshi Post

Shekar Kammula’s 'Love Story', which was released in theaters after the Corona Second Wave, has been declared a hit with the crowds braving the COVID fear and thronging the theatres to watch the movie. Love Story made its mark as a film that was not only dealing with a love story in modern times but had also brought in the angles of the still-prevalent caste system and another sensitive topic - child abuse.

The Naga Chaitanya- Sai Pallavi starrer was released on Friday (September 24),  and has set the box collections ringing not only in India but also at the US box office.

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The Saranga Dariya song which already proved Sai Pallavi’s dancing talent and the surprise element where Naga Chaitanya matched steps with her Yevo Yevo Kalale song was one of the main attractions of the movie. With the success of the movie, Sai Pallavi who is Hyderabad has become busy with a slew of interviews. In this context, Sai Pallavi shared a few details about the kissing scene in Love Story in an interview given to a YouTube channel.

It is a known fact that Sai Pallavi doesn’t expose, wear revealing clothes, or does kissing scenes in films, and that has been a condition in all of her films. However, in the movie, there is a scene where there is a blink and miss liplock scene in the film. Sai Pallavi who is upset with Naga Chaitanya pushes him and gives him a fleeting kiss.

When asked about that, Sai Pallavi responded to the kissing scene and revealed the actual truth about the scene. Clarifying about the scene, she said “I did not really kiss Naga Chaitanya in that scene. The cameraman set the angle in such a way to make the scene look like it was real. I never do kissing scenes. I always make it clear to the directors in advance that I will not appear or do such scenes before giving dates to the film. Also, director Shekar Kammula did not ask me to act in the kissing scene in this movie. I think if the character is good, the performance automatically will be up to the mark,” Sai Pallavi stated.

Sai Pallavi who is considered one of the finest actresses in the South film industry has never indulged in any kind of skin show or scenes that are awkward and that has made her one of the most endearing and lovable actresses of these times. The only time she wore a short dress that was above her knees, was in the film Fidaa. This was her debut film in Telugu which was directed by Shekar Kammula and she also clarified during an interview, that she wore that dress because the scene required it and she was convinced by the director to do so.

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