Hyderabad Animal Lovers to Make Emotional Plea against Animal Cruelty and Abuse on World Animal Rights Day

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Activists will make an appeal on National Animal Rights Day, June 5, in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad: On June 5, at 4 p.m., animal lovers from all over Hyderabad will congregate at Prasad's Multiplex, NTR Marg, to make an emotive plea against animal cruelty and abuse as part of the 12th annual National Animal Rights Day.

The event is organised by the non-profit 'Our Planet. Theirs Too,' aims to educate the public about the consequences of society's cruel treatment of animals while also commemorating the 50 billion animals killed each year in the United States for food, fur, and skins, laboratory tests, and entertainment. According to a news release, similar activities have taken place in Mumbai, Delhi, and other states.

The festivities will begin with a public requiem ritual in which participants will create a cohesive formation carrying photographs of animals that have died as a result of human brutality and exploitation. The participants will then position these posters on the side as a mausoleum.

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At the ceremony, the Declaration of Animal Rights will be revealed and signed. This 100-foot-long scroll asserts the rights of all animals and has thousands of signatures in favour of animal rights from individuals all around the world in many languages.

There will be animal rights discussions and poetry, as well as a street theatrical production about animal abuse. More information on National Animal Rights Day can be found at www.TheNARD.org.

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