Vijayawada Businessman Rahul Karanam Murder Motive Revealed

Motive Behind Vijayawada Businessman Rahul Karanam Murder  - Sakshi Post

VIJAYAWADA: Koganti Satyam, one of the prime accused in the murder case of  Vijayawada businessman Rahul Karanam, was sent to police remand on Thursday. Koganti Satyam was shifted from the Vijayawada sub-jail to Machavaram Police Station. Vijayawada police on Tuesday had filed a petition with the First Additional Metropolitan Magistrate seeking custody of accused Koganti Satyam, Korada Vijay Kumar and two others in the murder case of the businessman.

So far, the police have arrested 11 accused out of a total of 13 identified suspects. The police have intensified the search for two more accused who are absconding. The police stated that the businessman had earned the ire of many people after he allegedly cheated them by promising medical seats to one accused, logistics contracts to another, and for not settling financial transactions in ZIXIN Cylinders manufacturing unit in G Konduru mandal which was co-owned by Korada Vijaykumar.

Korada Vijaykumar and his friend who is also one of the accused named Gayatri were running a Chit Fund Company for the last few years in the city. Korada had contested in the 2019  Assembly elections, as an independent candidate and lost. He had taken loans for the campaign and the debtors started pressurizing him to return their money. Korada is also said to have used the money invested in the chit fund company for the elections. Chit fund clients had also started asking him to return their money.  In this context, Vijay Kumar had asked  Rahul to sell his share in the ZIXIN Cylinders Company which was a joint venture between Vijay and Rahul, and give him money. However, Rahul had not responded in the matter. He tried to take Koganti Sathyam’s help for mediating, but that also failed, leaving him frustrated.

Meanwhile, Rahul owed Rs 6 crore to Vijaykumar's friend Gayatri as he had promised to get her daughter a medical seat. She was also upset as he failed to return the huge amount.

Another accused by the name Seethayya was upset that Rahul had taken Rs 10 lakh to get him a logistics contract.  Rahul failed to deliver his promise to give a contract in the logistics business to Seethayya, who was an employee at ZIXIN Cylinders. Rahul also didn’t return the money paid up for the favor. All these circumstances had lead to the murder of Rahul which was preplanned by Korada Vijayakumar and Koganti Sathyam. Rahul was called to the scene of the crime and after getting his signature on certain documents, he was strangled to death using a phone charger.

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