Minor Girl's Newborn Dies After Unassisted Delivery in School Toilet

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In the Tamil Nadu town of Chidambaram of Cuddalore district, the body of a baby was discovered on Thursday close to a government school restroom. Police learned that a student of Class 11 delivered the child four days before the incident came to light. Authorities at the school informed the Bhuvanagari police about the newborn's body. The minor girl, mother of the child, confessed to have undergone labour pains during the interrogation. 

The 16 year old is said to have delivered  the baby in the school toilet.  The police begun an inquiry to find the person who impregnated the young girl.  A police source said, “We identified the girl on Friday and she admitted it during the inquiry.”

According to the police statement, the 16-year-old after delivering the baby, cut the umbilical cord herself using a pen. The police suspect that the newborn died because the minor was unassisted during the delivery. After giving birth, the minor girl came back to the classroom and attended the classes.

During the inquiry, the minor admitted that it was her child and that nobody at home knew about her situation. The Police detained many suspects for questioning, including locals and some of her family members.  The police also took the 16-year-old to the hospital for proper medical treatment following her unassisted delivery.

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