Kanchikacharla: Boy Fakes Love to Trap Minor Girl, Gets Her Pregnant

 - Sakshi Post

In a tragic incident, a man molested a minor girl and sexually assaulted her in Kanchikacharla of Krishna district. According to the police, the girl, who has no parents, was being harassed by Shiva saying he had feelings for her. He managed to seduce the girl and get her pregnant.

It is learned that the girl's parents died at an early age and she is currently staying with her grandmother in Kanchikacharla. Shiva, after learning about this, planned to trap the girl in the name of love and sexually assaulted her.

After a few days, the girl was rushed to a local hospital by her relatives after she complained of stomach pain. Doctors, who examined her revealed that she was pregnant. Relatives, who were shocked on hearing this, questioned the girl and came to know what happened.

They immediately lodged a complaint against Shiva at the Kanchikacharla police station. DSP Nageshwar Reddy said that the accused was arrested on Tuesday night and taken into remand.

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