Eluru: Mystery Shrouds Woman’s Death In Accident After Live-in Partner Commits Suicide

Eluru: Mystery Shrouds Woman’s Death In Accident After Live-in Partner Commits Suicide - Sakshi Post

WEST GODAVARI: Mystery shrouds the death of a woman who was allegedly killed in a road accident and following her death, her live-in partner committed suicide.

As per police reports, the incident took place in Beedi Colony in Eluru in West Godavari district.  The matter came to light on Saturday morning after the man committed suicide.

According to the police, Lakkapamu Sudharani (22) and Tadi Dimple Kumar (23) were living together for some time. Sudharani's husband Saiprabhu was into conducting record dances and the couple had two daughters.

Apparently, Saiprabhu underwent sex reassignment surgery two years ago. Following this Sudharani left him and moved in with Dimple Kumar in rental accommodation, who lived in the same area. She had left her two daughters from her husband with her parents and Dimple Kumar and Sudha also had a baby girl.

As per the neighbor’s version, they both were addicted to alcohol and ganja and the couple would drive out at night.

On Friday night the couple who were on their way home on a two-wheeler was hit by a two-wheeler at a turning near the house just after midnight. Both of them fell and Sudharani apparently died on the spot due to severe head injuries. Frightened over her death, Dimple left the vehicle there, went to their house and entered from the backdoor and hung himself to the ceiling fan, and died.

Sudharani's family members who identified her body on Saturday morning went to her house to hand over her Aadhaar card to the police. As the door was locked they had to break the door, only to see Dimple Kumar hanging from the ceiling.

The locals' however have a  different version and stated to the police that the duo were addicted to drugs such as marijuana and that  Dimple Kumar killed Sudharani and later committed suicide out of fear. Rural SI Lakshmana Babu registered a case is and is investigating the matter.

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