Chennai Gang Beats Man to Death With Liquor Bottles, Take Selfie With Body

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Ravichandran, a 32-year-old auto-rickshaw driver, was killed by four individuals in New Manali town, according to Chennai Police. To show that they had murdered him, the gang took selfies with the body and shared them on a WhatsApp group.

Four guys were detained near New Manali town in Chennai after beating a man to death and taking selfies with his body to prove to their friends that they were the murderers. Ravichandran, a 32-year-old auto-rickshaw driver was murdered because of a past dispute.

The murder occurred on Wednesday night, and the four suspects were apprehended on Thursday morning based on a photo they had shared on a WhatsApp group.

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The Chennai Police have arrested Madhan Kumar (31), Dhanush (19), Jayaprakash (18), and Bharat (19) for the murder of Ravichandran, 32.

According to authorities, the deceased had a recent disagreement with Madhan, one of the suspects.

According to reports, Madhan invited Ravichandran to a booze party at a playground in New Manali town on Wednesday, stating he wanted to work out their disagreements.

Ravichandran's phone was turned off when his wife, Keerthana, tried to call him. She went in search of him with some relatives, and they ended up in the MRF playground in Vetri Nagar.

When they arrived at the playground, they discovered Ravichandran dead in the corner, with the gang of four taking photos of themselves near the body.

After Keerthana and the others discovered Ravichandran's body, which was covered in injuries, the gang threatened them. According to reports, the evidence indicated that they had assaulted him with liquor bottles.

A post-mortem was performed on the deceased at Stanley Medical College and Hospital. Sandeep Rai Rathore, Commissioner of Police, Avadi, established special squads in response to Keerthana's accusation, and the four offenders were apprehended.

The selfie, according to one of the investigating officers, assisted in the identification of the murderers.

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